What clients should know and expect when they visit The Balancing Hand:

Massage is a general health service that may help address symptoms of many common conditions.  No specific treatment is given for pre-existing physical or mental problems.  Massage therapists do not diagnose, prescribe, offer dietary advice, or perform other services offered by medical doctors, chiropractors, nurses, dieticians, naturopaths, acupuncturists, psychiatrists, or other licensed health professionals.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get settled and have a cup of tea.  You’ll meet with me to complete or update your health history and current condition information.  (Arriving early means we can do the intake/update discussion without cutting into any of the hands-on session time.  I want you to get the full time you’re paying for!)  Then I’ll leave the room to wash my hands, and you’ll have time to undress to your comfort level and get on the massage table before I return to start the massage.  You will be fully draped during the massage except for the area of the body being worked on at the time.  You may choose to remain fully clothed during the session, though this will restrict the techniques that can be used.  You may choose to stop the session at any time, to not have any particular area of the body massaged, or to not have any specific technique used.  You will be asked to respond occasionally to questions regarding the massage.  After the massage, I’ll leave the room again to wash my hands while you get dressed.  Then we’ll spend a few minutes discussing how the massage went and what our plan will be for future sessions.

Payment is accepted in cash and credit.  Tips are not accepted – I view massage as a health care service, and just like you don’t tip your other health care professionals, you don’t need to tip me.  If you liked your massage or Reiki session and want to show your appreciation, please let your friends know about my services!

What I expect from my clients:

Please arrive ready to work with me on the massage.  I believe that massage work is most effective when the client is an active partner.  In relaxation massage, this means the client should pay attention to their body and be aware of their breathing and state of relaxation.  In clinical massage, this means the client should be prepared to follow the effect of the work on their body and respond to questions regarding pressure and changes occurring in their muscles.

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice for cancelled appointments.  Clients who provide less notice will be charged the full amount for their session time if another client is not found to fill the appointment slot.  In cases of emergency, this policy may be waived.